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A Garden is not just a place - it is a lifestyle!

Petra Maison


In 2007 I decided to combine my two passions in life. I designed a range of stylish, practical women's clothing with a feminine cut and called it Garden Girl.  A functional and comfortable range of womens workwear. 

Garden Girl quickly grew into a brand known worldwide. It was obvious that I had fulfilled a need that I shared with a large number of women across the planet. This year we proudly present newcomers like the Harvest Apron, specially designed for collecting fruit or weeds, and our lovely Gardeners Gloves from the Denim and Classic collections.

Welcome to the garden!

Petra Maison

Creator & Designer, GardenGirl.


Who buys our products



GardenGirl clothing is not only bought by gardeners!

Professional gardeners,

Amateur gardeners,
garden nursery staff uniforms,

Children's nursery staff (all those lovely pockets!)

Farmers and their employees,

Allotment holder,

Horse owners and equestrian stables,


Zoo keepers/animal keepers

And lots more!

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Important Supply Update

Unfortunately  Garden Girl Sweden has closed

We would like to thank all of our wonderful customers (Consumer and Retailers alike) for supporting the great range of Garden Girl products.

As a result of Garden Girl Sweden closing we are unable to continue supplying these wonderful items.  

You can still find some garden Girl products at our online store  

You can also contact us vi email at, or ring us on 03 8593 9696

Keep Gardening!

Regards the Garden Girl  Australia Team

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We love hearing from our customers, and interested retail partners.  Please contact us at or ring us on 03 8953 9696  

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Garden Girl Team

Melton, Victoria, Australia

03 8953 9696